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Point System


For each phase of the combined test you receive points which will be accumulated and totalled.
After all the shows have been held the riders with the highest points in each division will become Trilogy Hi Point Champion and
Reserve Champion for 2013. There are also Hi Point awards for the Dressage Phase at each level. Points awarded:

1st place = 20 points
2nd place = 17.5 points
3rd place = 15 points
4th place = 12.5 points
5th place = 10 points
6th place = 7.5 points
7th place = 5 points
8th place = 2.5 points

Points calculated for each rider “per” division.
If a rider changes divisions the points will not carry over.



Edenview Equestrian Ctr.
Small Victory Farm
Lane's End Stables
Sunnymead Farm